This site links to internal pages that contain useful information for the EWRL organization. If you want to help in organizing an EWRL, please contact the organizing committee of the next EWRL, or one of the steering committee members listed below.

Get Access

In order to access the internal pages you need to have or create a WordPress account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on [sign up just for username] unless you also want to create your own blog.
  3. Enter username, email, and password.
  4. Press [Sign Up].
  5. Inform one of the site administrators that you have signed up and under which email address.
  6. Once he has added you, login at, which allows you to view the internal information pages and edit all pages.

Organizational Information Sites

The internal information pages, after logging in at can be accessed via the following links:

Edit internal & public Pages

  1. Log in at,
  2. Go to,
  3. Select a page, press edit, edit page, preview changes, press update.

Steering Committee

Contact: Marcus Hutter <>

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