EWRL8 (2008)

European Workshop on Reinforcement Learning 2008

Click here to view the list of papers accepted for presentation at the workshop. The workshop booklet which contains information about the sessions and abstracts of papers in each session is available for download.

European Workshop on Reinforcement Learning (EWRL) is a (biennial) series of events that is being organized since 1994. To date, the sequential decision making problem with delayed rewards has been studied, under various guises, by various communities: machine learning, control, economics, applied mathematics, psychology and biology to name the foremost. EWRL’08, the eighth workshop in the series as well, aims to serve as a forum to discuss the current state-of-the-art and future research directions in this continuously growing field. We intend to make this an exciting event not only for the European RL community but also international researchers from related areas with many opportunities to share new knowledge and encourage collaborative work. We also hope to help the emergence of European projects in the 7th framework program that fall into the scope of RL.

EWRL’08 is planned to be a theme oriented event in which each main theme will be allocated a half-day session including (i) an overview or tutorial, (ii) technical contributions in the form of long and short papers, followed by (iii) discussions. There will be two special sessions; a general discussion session entitled “Where are we heading? – Current and Future Trends in RL”, and a demonstration session entitled “Real-life Applications of RL”.

Prof. Rich Sutton, University of Alberta, Prof. Dimitri Bertsekas, MIT, and Dr Jan Peters, Max-Planck Inst. of Biological Cybernetics, will also be our special guests.

Topics of interest include but not limited to:

  • Exploration vs Exploitation Trade-off
  • (Function) Approximation in RL
  • Knowledge Representation in RL
  • Theorical RL (Convergence and performance bounds, Complexity issues, Sensitivity analysis)
  • Multi-Agent RL
  • Regret-minimization Algorithms in Games
  • Direct Policy Search and Policy Gradient Methods
  • Reward design and inverse RL
  • Bayesian vs Frequentist Approaches
  • RL and Statistical Learning
  • Metrics for Empirical Comparisons in RL
  • Reducing RL to Inference, Regression and Classification
  • RL to Sequence Prediction
  • RL from Biological and Psychological Perspectives

EWRL’08 is organized by the team-project SequeL of INRIA Lille-Nord Europe.

EWRL’08 is a free event, there won’t be any registration fee. But, we will request you to complete a registration form for organizational purposes, preferably before the end of May.

Statistics (taken from here)
submissions: 61
accepted for presentation: 51
accepted for publication in LNAI: 21

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